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Thank you for visiting us online. We genuinely appreciate your interest and promise to respect your time.

I formed TMR in 1988 with the goal of providing unique and useful technology based tools for community and independent banks.

What has evolved is a series of products and services that attract and leverage commercial relationships for your bank. Today, our CITATION™ solutions are currently serving dozens of banks and hundreds of their business accounts in 35 states across the country.

The area at which we work the hardest is service. I invite you to take a look at our Business Builder™ sales and marketing support - the only program of its type in our industry. Every CITATION™ solution includes in-depth training, ongoing support, and when you call, a real person answers by the second ring.

My own career began as a community banker in Ohio. I'm no longer a banker but if I were, unquestionably my objectives today would include:

  • Attracting low-cost "relationship" based deposits
  • Generating profitable fee income to replace lost DDA service charge revenue
  • Opening new markets without the cost of brick and mortar branches
  • Differentiating my bank in a highly competitive market

If your business plans call for any of the above, we'd be delighted to help evaluate your needs and the potential compatibility of our solutions.

Tim Clifford
Founder & Chairman

Norman Picard, TMR President

Norman Picard


Since joining TMR in 1997, it has been my privilege to help bankers across the country to win and lock in more profitable business relationships. In 2012, I assumed responsibility for day-to-day operations and the direction of TMR's products and services. Since that time we have significantly expanded our Outsource and Hybrid payment processing services. We also developed CITATION™ i-Remit, an advanced web-based solution that represents the next generation in lockbox operations. Today, we provide bankers with an array of payment processing options tailored to meet their market needs.

At TMR our exclusive focus is lockbox and payment processing. More than software, we develop complete solutions that combine the power of technology with personal touch service - bank-branded systems, expert technical assistance and our exclusive Business Builder™ sales and marketing support.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have about our solutions and services.

Norman Picard
800-867-2249 ext 231
Direct 407-830-2431

Mike Reynolds, TMR VP of Sales

Mike Reynolds

Vice President / Sales

Mike is a senior sales/management professional with in-depth knowledge of payment processing markets including lockbox operations, electronic payment solutions and integrated receivables. He is highly regarded in the banking industry for his thorough understanding of key business and technology drivers in the payment processing industry and for developing innovative solutions to each bank's needs.

Mike Reynolds
800-867-2249 ext 232
Direct 407-830-2432

Business Builder

Randy Ezell

Senior Vice President/Business Builder™ Services

Randy is a 20-year TMR veteran with 34 years in banking and bank services. As Director of Business Builder™. he assists your banks with proactive support in helping sell, price, contract and implement new business. Under Randy's direction, Business Builder™ provides initial education and ongoing marketing support to your business development officers.

Randy Ezell
800-867-2249 ext 227
Direct 407-830-2427

Business Builder

Amy Burnell

Vice President / Business Builder™ Services

Amy is a sales veteran with 20 years of experience in a career that spans finance, health insurance and real estate, as well as having experience in lockbox sales here at TMR. She supports your bank's sales staff with product sales training, Industry data, Identifying and targeting markets, assistance in customer meetings, and contract development and pricing. In addition, she assists in the creation of bank-branded marketing materials.

Amy Burnell
800-867-2249 ext 241
Direct 407-830-2412

Business Builder

Kim Lynch

Product & Client Services Manager

Kim is a 17+ year TMR veteran with well-rounded experience working with TMR clients as a Technical Support Representative, as a member of the Business Builder™ team, and managing the TMR software development resources. Kim’s combined role has her overseeing the product development and technical support areas of TMR.

Kim Lynch
800-867-2249 ext 228
Direct 407-830-2428

Business Builder

Laura Pawlak

Vice President / Lockbox Operations

Laura manages the day-to-day activities of TMR's rapidly expanding Outsource and Hybrid Processing services. With 20 years of experience in large lockbox operations and systems management she applies a high level of process management, quality control and personnel supervision to assure accurate, cost-effective processing solutions.

Laura Pawlak
800-867-2249 ext 240
Direct 407-830-2410