Web-Based Payment Processing Solution

Improve Cash Flow & Cut Costs with Automated Transaction Management

TMR's CITATION™ i-Remit browser-based payment processing solution is the ideal transactions management service for any business with recurring payments. Businesses, medical offices, government organizations and institutions can significantly streamline payment processing with a technology solution tailored to meet each organization's unique needs.

Your Payment Processing Tasks - Automated!

CITATION™ i-Remit automates the tedious and challenging daily task of processing and reconciling payments - reducing back-office workload, lowering overhead, eliminating errors, cutting risk and helping prevent fraud.

  • Gathers payments of all types - check, ACH, Credit/Debit Card, Bill Pay and other electronic sources
  • Images everything in payment envelopes - checks. coupons, and correspondence
  • Balances Accounts
  • Online exception handling
  • Makes deposits to the business account at any bank
  • Creates a daily report integrating payments from all sources
  • Download data directly to the firm's accounting system
  • Searchable archive of transaction history
  • Access payment data anywhere 24/7 on an encrypted website

Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Operation

In-House Processing

With sufficient volume, you easily justify doing your own work

  • Complete, turn-key, browser-based desktop solution
  • You have maximum control
  • Proven to help businesses across the country

Outsource Processing to TMR's AICPA SSAE AT-101 SOC 2 Type 2 Processing Centers

Have TMR (or one of our banks) do the processing for you

  • Automates your work with very little upfront investment
  • Customized solution to meet your specific needs
  • 5 processing centers across the U.S.

TMR's Unique Hybrid Solution

The best of both options combines your local PO box with labor-saving outsourced automation

  • Keep a local PO box and scan the work to TMR
  • Maintain dual control by having TMR process/balance/deposit all funds
  • Move to the fully in-house model when your volume grows

Put CITATION™ i-Remit to Work for Your Organization

See how to improve your payments picture and increase cash flow while freeing you and your staff to devote more time to business operations.