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Today's payments landscape creates a growing challenge for businesses in many industries - and an opportunity for financial institutions. Multiple payment channel options, the need for integrated receivables reporting and security concerns, open the door for financial service firms to win and lock-in long-term relationships with high value treasury management clients.

Deliver the Payment Solutions Businesses Need

TMR's CITATION™ solutions unite proven lockbox processing with digital transaction management to give banks and financial services companies the power to deliver profitable payment processing services in demand by business accounts. Meet your clients' needs for faster access to their funds and daily reports that integrate check, ACH, Bill pay and mobile receivables.

Leverage a Solution Tailored to Your Operation

Complete In-house, Full Outsource, and TMR's unique Hybrid processing options are tailored to merge with your institution's operation and help deliver its goals - generate new fee income, create new low-cost core deposits, and build long-term financial relationships.

Ongoing Marketing & Sales Support Included

TMR's lockbox services go beyond technology. Every CITATION™ system includes TMR's exclusive Business Builder™ service - complimentary sales and marketing support by our banking experts proven to help our clients grow payment processing business faster.

Today, financial institutions and their customers across the nation rely on CITATION™ solutions to deliver payments processing, improve profitability and strengthen customer relationships.

CITATIONTM Solutions & Services

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