Healthcare Remittance Automation

Win and lock in high-value medical accounts!

Gain a Competitive Edge with Automated Medical Payment Processing

Healthcare professionals rank among the most high-value clients of business banking and treasury services. With TMR's CITATION™ i-Remit, your bank has tools to win the lucrative accounts of medical services providers.

This powerful solution automates the management of healthcare payments, relieving medical accounting managers of one of their most labor-intensive and costly back-office functions.

By removing the headache of handling complex healthcare payment transactions, you provide physician groups, hospitals, walk-in clinics and other medical providers with a valuable service that gives you a unique competitive edge in winning these accounts.

Your bank reaps the rewards of low-cost core deposits and gains an inside track to develop the personal accounts and profitable wealth management and other treasury services for doctors and medical staff.

How CITATION™ i-Remit Works For You

Our CITATION™ i-Remit payment solution integrates a proven healthcare revenue cycle management system that automates the processing of medical payments while assuring your institution's compliance with HIPAA privacy requirements. i-Remit, efficiently transforms non-standard paper claims into post-able payment files reducing the cost and time to process these payments internally.

TMR's solution converts paper EOBs, Correspondence, Patient Payments, and electronic claims (ERAs) into one consolidated research portal for your medical clients!


Healthcare Remittance Automation Features

  • Automates the remittance processing and posting of complex medical receivable transactions paid by insurance reimbursement and patient payments
  • Compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations
  • Reduces workload of operations staff
  • Increases accuracy and efficiency
  • Consolidates paper and electronic remittance advices in one central, online repository for research capabilities
  • Converts all remittances received as paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to ANSI 835s
  • Reduces A/R days for your clients
  • Provides for ACH to Claim reconciliation
  • Denial intelligence tools to identify costly billing issues